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Tech Tips

When using a Skat Blast Cabinet, a variety of dry abrasives can be used, depending on the requirements of the user. Generally, the higher the grit number, the finer the abrasive. The finer the abrasive, the smoother the finish. Coarse-grit abrasives cut fast, but the finish isn't quite as smooth as with fine-grit abrasives. Always change abrasive on a regular basis.

Most popular abrasives are Glass Beads, First Choice, and Speed Bead for a very fine finish on parts; Skat Magic™ & Skat Magic Extreme for a medium finish and faster production. In addition, Fast Cut Max provides fast cutting with less dust. Aluminum Oxide is another popular abrasive for fast cut and long life. Most of our abrasive are "virgin" material, which means they have not been processed or reused.

TP Tools Tech TipsWhen abrasive blasting aluminum, brass or softer metals, use a lower air pressure (40-60 psi) for best results. The same applies to carving or etching glass. Hard metals such as fenders, bumpers, etc., can be cleaned best using 50-80 psi. We recommend a cabinet hookup kit for regulating air pressure and collecting moisture effectively.

Skat Blast Abrasive Comparison Guide
Grit Size Abrasive Type Cleaning Time*
6" x 6" area
Appearance /
Texture Type
Abrasive Life Dust Level Recommended Abrasive
35-60 Walnut Shells 15.7 minutes Dull / No Texture GOOD High Paint and carbon removal
60-80 Glass Beads 5.0 minutes Satin / Very Fine BETTER Low General parts and automotive cleaning
50-60 Soda Media 2.3 minutes Dull / No Texture 1-time use Medium Carbon, surface contamination, paint, grime
30-40 Plastic 1.6 minutes Dull / No Texture BETTER Low Paint and light oxidation removal
60-90 First Choice 1.3 minutes Flat / Very Fine BETTER Medium Rust, paint, and scale removal
50 Fast Cut MAX 1.2 minutes Flat / Coarse BETTER Low Rust, paint, and scale removal
50-80 Speed Bead 1.0 minute Satin / Very Fine BEST Low General automotive cleaning & finishing
40-80 Skat Magic 45 seconds Flat / Medium GOOD Medium Rust, paint, and scale removal
30-60 "SME" 39 seconds Flat / Coarse GOOD Medium Rust, paint, scale & rubberized removal
46 Alum. Oxide 38 seconds Flat / Coarse BEST Low Glass etching and automotive cleaning
80 Silicon Carbide 38 seconds Flat / Medium BEST Low Glass etching and automotive cleaning
* Cleaning Time based on removing the paint finish from a mid 1980's factory fender down to bare metal. Using a Skat Blast Abrasive Cabinet with 15-20 cfm @ 80 psi and a medium nozzle and air jet installed in the gun. The fender consisted of a sealer coat, primer coat, and baked factory paint coat.
Our most popular abrasives for cleaning and finishing automotive parts.

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