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Tech Tips

Compounding - The quick removal of scratches or the removal of paint off a vehicle by using a compounding pad and liquid compound. Liquid compound is a form of liquid sandpaper and, like sandpaper, comes in different grits. A white twisted wool compound/buffing pad is recommended.

Buffing (light compounding) - The removal of a thin layer of dull paint created by oxidation, overspray, minor orange peel, or bumps and ridges on the surface. The paint has to be smoothed out by using liquid compound and a buffing pad. This will put a light shine on the vehicle. Make sure you use a light grit liquid compound so that you do not remove too thick of a layer of paint off the vehicle's finish. Remember, light pressure is the best. Let the pad and compound do the work for you. A white or yellow wool or yellow or green foam pad is recommended.

Polishing - Polish is a rich paint conditioner that restores valuable oils to the paint, eliminates fine scratches, swirls, and imperfections while creating an incredible deep gloss. A yellow wool pad or blue or black foam pad is recommended.

Waxing - Wax is a high gloss paint protection against all the elements of nature. A cream wool pad or white foam pad is recommended. Removes swirls. Can also be applied and removed by hand.

PPI - Pores per inch. The lower the number of ppi, the coarser or more aggressive the foam pad will be. The higher the ppi, the finer the foam pad will be.

TP Tools Guide To Selecting the Proper Buffing /Polishing Pad
Product Use Yellow Foam 50 ppi Green Foam 60 ppi Blue Foam 70 ppi Black Foam 80 ppi White Foam 90 ppi Yellow Foam Wool Yellow Wool & Synthetic Cream Wool & Synthetic
Applying Wax        
Removing Wax          
Swirl Eliminator        

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