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For Questions or to Place an Order,
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For Questions or to Place an Order,
Call 800-321-9260   

Tech Tips

  • Connect Air All models continually recycle abrasive for fast rust and paint removal anytime. Air hose, included with some models, connects to siphon power gun.
  • Foot Pedal control Models 950 and up have a foot pedal control. Your air compressor hose enters one side. 7ft. hose, included with some models, connects on opposite side and leads to cabinet power gun.
  • Abrasives Any abrasive can be used, provided it is dry. Most models include a supply of abrasive to get you started.
  • Place rusty part example Place rusty part in cabinet. Reinforced metal screen holds objects up to 200lbs.
  • Floodlight Floodlight, located in cab, provides light on the object. 85 cfm, 115 volt vacuum pulls dust from work area. One switch operates both. (Optional some models.)
  • Cabinet gloves. Place hands in cabinet gloves. These gloves are rubber gauntlet type, abrasive-resistant and reach to all areas of the cabinet. Gloves are easily replaced.
  • Abrasives drop to bottom No-skip, no surge recycling system. Simply aim power gun, press foot pedal (or pull trigger), and watch rust disappear. Abrasive drops to bottom where it recycles.
  • Open side door to check results After vacuum has cleared the work area, open the side door to check results. Above area took only minutes to clean using Skat Magic abrasive at 60-80 psi.
  • Empty trap door. Change abrasive when view area becomes dusty or a difference in cutting action is noticed. Place a container under cabinet and open bottom trap door to empty. Reload with new abrasive and resume operation.