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Starter Auto Body Lead/Solder Kit

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Starter Auto Body Lead/Solder Kit
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Starter Auto Body Lead/Solder Kit
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Auto body lead or solder has been used for years in the automotive industry to fill in minor dings, seal the joints of two pieces of metal, or build up an area that needs to be hand-formed. It is especially useful around areas where metal will stress, such as around a door handle, the lip of a trunk, hinge areas, or on a hood where the metal will flex or pop. Auto body lead/solder will not crack or pop off the metal when properly applied, like body fillers can. Auto body lead/solder is the best and most reliable way to fill in dings, seams, or joints when restoring your automobile.

Starter kit includes: 2 lbs (4 sticks) of 30/70 mix auto body lead/solder, jar of tinning paste, 1/2 lb paddle lube, 6 acid brushes, flat soldering paddle, half-round soldering paddle, wooden flat file holder, flat auto body file, and instructions. Made in USA.